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Elon Musk’ First Startup with his brother Kimbal

In the summer of 1994, Musk and his brother Kimbal took their first step towards becoming honest to God Americans. They set off on a road trip across the country.

Kimbal had been working as a franchise for college Pro Painters and done well for himself, running what amounted to a small business. He sold off is part of the franchise and pooled the money with what Elon Musk had on hand to buy a beat up 1970s BMW 320i. The brothers began their trip near San Francisco in August, as temperature in California soared. The first part of the drive took them down to Needless, a city in the Mojave Desert. Their they experienced the Sweaty thrill of 120 Degree weather in a car with no air conditioning and learned to love pit shops at Carl’s Jr. burgers joints, where they spent hours recuperating in the cold.

The trip provided plenty of time for your typical twenty something hijinks and raging capitalist daydreaming.. The web had just started to become accessible to the public thanks to the rise of directory sites like Yahoo! and tools like Netscape’s browser. The brothers were tuned in to the internet and thoughts they might like to start a company together doing something on the web. From California to Colorado, Wyoming, south Dakota, and Illinois, they took turns driving, brainstorming, and talking shit before heading back east to get Musk to school that fall. The best idea to arise from the journey was an online network of doctors. This wasn’t meant to be something as ambitious as electronic health record but more of a system for Physicians to exchange information and collaborate,

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