Emojis Instead of Passwords are more Easy, Safe and Secure

Emojis Instead of Passwords are more Easy, Safe and Secure

Emojis are trending these days on Social Media whether it is WhatsApp or Google Hangout, Facebook or It’s Messenger, Emojis are popular to express our feelings and had become important during communication on Social Platforms. They are not only used for communications but also for expressing emotions and feelings. They can now be used in various genre like Facial Expressions, Objects, Weathers, Animals and Humans
You will be using Emojis for your communications but later they can be used as a Password.

Emoji are two words derived from Japanese e which means “Picture” while Moji means “Character“.

They were used on Japanes Mobile Phones in 1997 and become popular across the world in 2010s after several mobile operating system adopted these graphics in order to make the communication among users more interesting and easy.

Android has used Emojis in Android 4.3 version in it’s keyboard in july 2013. Now they are developing a system for Emoji where they can be used as a Password. In this system, you will not have to remember your password but instead of it, you can easily select your favorite emoji as a Password. In order to do it, It will function upon the sequence of Emoji, where users can select them in a sequence to lock or unlock smartphones.

Many users used to set Patterns or Pin codes for securing their phones from strangers but according to Researchers and Experts, Memorizing a password can be more risky instead of memorizing a picture like Emoji.
There are thousands of emojis which can secure your smartphone more as compare to the Pin which start from 0 to 9 in numbers or A to Z in Alphabet Characters. If you select any 6 Emoji among them it would be secure and can’t be Cracked or Hacked which seems impossible.

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