Prevent Images from Appearing in the Gallery on Android Phones

Prevent Images from Appearing in the Gallery on Android Phones

Is there any way to find a solution for preventing images to appear in the gallery or to hide them? or do you want to Prevent Images from Appearing in the Gallery?
Yes, there is a service in Android Phone to prevent specific images to be hidden that appears in the gallery of your Smartphone.

Let me give you an example, Sometimes you don’t want WhatsApp images to be appear in the Gallery. For that, you need to create a “New Folder” with a name of “nomedia” inside a WhatsApp folder. You can create this Folder through “File Manager” on your Phone. You will be thinking This is Why?
Actually Android operating system hides those Images, Videos or Audio files having a name “nomedia“.

This method can be also used through downloading Android Applications from the “Google Playstore” but i prefer to do it on your own way. You should have to remember that those files which are hides from your Gallery can be accessed by two ways and they are the following.

One when you visit “File Manager” on your phone, while the second is when you connect your Phone with Laptop or PC where you can accessed all your External and Internal Memory storage of your mobile phone.

If you want to completely Lock your Gallery then you should install “App Locker” applications from Google Play to prevent and secure your Gallery from unknown which can not only secure your Gallery but other Applications like “Messages”, “File Manager” etc

Click here to Download “Nomedia” from Google Play

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