Protesters Forums in Hong Kong Stated that they had faced DDoS Attacks from China

Protesters Forums in Hong Kong Stated that they had faced DDoS Attacks from China

A forum called ” LIHKG” is service which is always used for organizing Mass Protests and Rallies inside Hong Kong. According to them, they faced DDoS Attacks from China during protest days

DDoS is a cyber Attack also known as “Distributed Denial of Services” . It is a Flood of Traffic Users which disables a website by overwhelming it.

According to “LIHKG”, 1.5 Millions users hits the their website with 6.5 million unique and active users surged per hour which results in crashing our servers, said by the administrator

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“We have different reasons that can prove that the attack was launch with the support of big power or even the national level power” the statement

Actually, the protest was held in June, it was secretly managed by using LIHKG and Telegram. The protest was organized after a bill which gives the right to china and powers holding the control of Beijing. Many of the protesters also holding cards displaying anti nationalists slogans and chanting them. Some of the slogans were like, “Liberate Hong Kong: Revolution of our time”. This protest has used digital and online services like LIHKG and Telegram in order to organized the people in Honk Kong

At the time, many of the services were interrupted of LIHKG . LIHKG also warned that it’s mobile application may subjected to Attack while their security team is working to fend of troubles due to Cyber Attacks. They also said that their users could switched to their website version in order to use it’s functionality if there came any problem technically with the application.

This DDoS attack was the second largest attack as it has hit large number of apps used by the Protesters during Hong Kong Protest. In June, Social Media Application also stated that a large number of Attacks hit their services.

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