When Jack Ma and Elon Musk Face Off in a Debate In Shanghai

When Jack Ma and Elon Musk Face Off in a Debate In Shanghai

Recently Shanghai hosted an event of “World Artificial Inteligence Conference 2019” where founder of SpaceX, and Tesla Elon Musk was invited to a debate along with CEO of Alibaba Jack Ma. Both were given a chance to debate on different topics where they also discuss briefly on Artificial Intelligence.

Both Entrepreneurs were seems to be happy and excited to talk to the audience. Jack Ma has said to the people while sitting in front of people that he has came from Mars.

Jack Ma has appreciated the contribution of Elon Musk to technology, he said that he “I am not a tech guy, i think more about life but i am also not interested in Mars”. He also asked Elon Musk that why you are so curious about Mars? In response Elon Musk replied that, “We should better understand the nature of universe. we should increase the scope and scale of consciousness such that we became a Multi Planet specie or to ensure that life is Multi Planetary.

Random questions were asked by the Audience from them, Elon has also confirmed that there are no Aliens for now on Earth. The topics ranged from covering Artificial Intelligence and going to Mars while people constantly asked questions related to life of human beings on Mars and comparison with Earth. Jack has also stated that he is not interested in Mars as he is focusing on 7.4 billion people of the Earth first.

The conference begins with Jack Ma when praising the work of Elon Musk
I hate the Word “AI” as “Artificial Intelligence”, instead of that i call it “Alibaba Intelligence” where the audience including Elon laughed

He also stated that “Humans are still better then technology and machines”

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