YouTube Disabled 210 Channels that Posted Videos about Hong Kong Protest

YouTube Disabled 210 Channels that Posted Videos about Hong Kong Protest

Video Sharing Network YouTube has recently removed hundreds of Channels which posted videos about a Protest held in Hong Kong.
YouTube has suspended these channels because of undermining the protest.
According to the company Google and YouTube did this operation because of the Disinformation spread about a Protest in Hong Kong, China

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According to a Blog Spot on YouTube, it stated that this week they had disabled these channels which uploaded videos and violated it’s policies in terms of disinformation about the Hong Kong Protest.

This is the first time ever when the Social Networking websites removed accounts linked to disinformation, where they tried to portray Hong Kong Protest as extreme and violent.

China has always not needed the western internet and social media as Chinese has a great internet security control through a system of filters which is called “Great Firewall”. Hong Kong was a British Coloney which has different governance system then china have many internet users who are actively engaged in western social media and internet like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google etc.

YouTube has yet not responded with any statement about this act of disabling 210 channels. After-all, Twitter and Facebook announced about the Thousands of accounts which are suspended by them.

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