eSIM of New iPhones

eSIM of New iPhones will be only Accessible in Ten Countries

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Apple to launch the smartphones having Dual Sim but this time, dual featured smartphone will be entirely different from the rest of Dual Sim featured phones. iPhone 10 X, iPhone 10 X Max, and iPhone Ten R will support Dual Sim which is called “eSIM”. This time, you donot have to Buy a Sim card from Mobile operating but Telecom Operators will provide you the IMEI along with a Number for your Smartphone or Smart watch.
The problem it has is, the Telecom Operators providing the eSIM are less or rare in numbers.

Beside eSIM, Dual Sim of Apples will be only sold to Chinese users. It means in Pakistan, you cannot use the eSIM featured smartphones of apple because there are no Telecom operators providing eSIM in the region

There are only Ten Countries having Telecom Operators providing eSIM are the following;

Australia has a T-Mobile Telecom Operators providing eSIM

Canada has a Bell Telecom Operators providing eSIM

Users of Hrvatski Telekom can only use this featured smart phones

Czech Republic:
Same like in Australia, T-Mobile is providing eSIM in Czech Republic.

German has two Telecom companies providing eSIM are Vodafone and Telekom

Hungary has Hrvatski Telekom Telecom operating company providing eSim

India has two eSIM providing Telecom Operators which are AirTel and Reliance

Spain has also “Vodafone”  which provides the facility of eSIM to it’s subscribers

United Kingdom:
UK has “EE” telecom operators providing eSIM facility

United States of America:
USA has “AT&T”, “T-Mobile” and “Verizon Wireless” providing eSIM facilities

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