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Now it’s Easy to Recover Deleted Browsing History

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Do you want to Recover Deleted Browsing History?
Till now, you had listen about deleting your browsing history in various internet browsers but haven’t experienced or got any news regarding to recover Deleted browsing history.

You might be thinking that why it is necessary to get the deleted history back but i think that sometimes we delete the information but after that we need it back and it can be anything related to our college, office, university, or any other useful information.

Maybe after few days we would need to have it back, but we can’t find that website if we delete the history. It will consume a lot of time to search it again on Google. To recover it, here is the solution to Recover Deleted Browsing History.

Purpose of Using It

If you want to get that website after deleting the history, so it now possible for you. You can use it for two purposes,
1): To Recover Deleted Browsing
2): To Delete your Browsing History permanently from web
Let me surprise you more here, those files which track your Browsing habits like those keywords which you search more, are actually always present in your system and cannot be delete in any normal way.

According to Microsoft, these Cache Files are always stored in your system, so you can view websites faster. Let me give you an example,
Those files which are stored in your system cache, can be loaded next time more faster then those which are not stored in your system’s cache memory.
The truth is that if these files are whether stored or not stored have a very rare impact on your browser. Files are stored from the very fast day we visit any website, but we think that deleting browsing history means that everything is permanently deleted but it is not like that.

You can also proved it by yourself, if you try to recover your browsing history, if they recovered, you can analyze how strongly your web browsing is being monitored by your browser you used to search.

Index.dat Analyzer

Record of your Browsing history is stored in “.DAT” format file, and you can Overview it after recovering it. To do it, you have to download a software called “IndexDat“. Click here to Download it.

When it is downloaded, open it to install it on your system.

Click on Next Button to Install it on your System
Check on Launch Index.dat Analyzer and Finish it

As it is opened, you will experience the screen as below

As the search is completed, you can overview your recovered files store on your system like below in the screen, then click on “OK”

It will open a window with the files recovered having a “.dat” format. It would be having all data and you can filter it in History, Cache and Cookies. You can overview it easily. if you want to save it, Go to File>> and Click on “Save Selected Items”at the left side of the menu bar .

Let me tell you that other softwares resembling to this one cannot Recover Deleted Browsing, you have to Buy it in order to Recover Deleted Browsing.
Through “Index.dat Analyzer” you can also view and Recover Deleted Browsing easily.

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