Apple's IOS New Feature for Preventing Traffic Accidents

Apple’s IOS New Feature for Preventing Traffic Accidents

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During driving, instant Popups and Notifications of our Smartphones can seek attention or led our concentration from driving and this can result in Accidents sometimes. The update of Apple’s IOS new feature has solve this problem and prevent such Popups or Notifications during driving.

Apple has announced in it’s Developer’s conference about this feature in latest update of IOS 11 which is called “Donot Disturb while Driving”.
This feature will automatically detect that you are driving and thus it stops such Popus or Notifications. This feature will be introduce for all users of Latest Update of IOS 11.

Before 06 months, since this feature was not introduced and a case was filed on Apple’s IOS, Later Apple has mentioned it in it’s latest update of IOS 11. This case was due to a serious Accident of a car in which a driver was communicating on “Face Type” during his driving.

This feature will automatically detect that if you are driving or not according to the phone, whether it is connected with a Bluetooth or a cable-wire to a car or any other vehicle. As you connect your Phone with the Bluetooth or wire-cable it will automatically start detecting that you are driving and will use “Do not Disturb while Driving”. It will block Notifications and other Popups that seek attention of a driver during driving a car. Not only this, but the Screen of the iPhone will also be locked in order to denied the access to applications of the phone for a driver.

Apple’s IOS New Feature “Donot Disturb While Driving”

According to the spokesperson of Apple, “This feature on IOS 11 is only for drivers to make them concentrate during driving. In which Notifications will be disabled and the screen will become dark. This feature also includes Sends Auto Replies to Incoming Call or Text.

Send Auto Replies to Incoming Call or Text
Send Auto Replies to Incoming Call or Text Apple’s IOS New Feature
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