US Govt Calls on Amazon to Remove Illegal Products from It's Marketplace

US Govt Calls on Amazon to Remove Illegal Products from It’s Marketplace

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Recently, Members of congress calling on Amazon to take down unsafe products from it’s marketplace. Among them, US Senators wrote a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos about the deceptive products which are sold on Amazon.

According to a recent report published on Wall Street Journal which stated that more then 40,000 products are being sold on Amazon which are illegal and deceptive. After this report of Wall Street Journal, Three US Senators wrote a letters to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to remove the illegal products from it’s stores. CNBC was the first to publish a report about these letters from the US Senators to Amazon. Here is the link

In those letters they asked Amazon to provide visible warnings on their products which are sold on Amazon’s Marketplace.
The Three Senators who wrote a letters to Amazon about their information regarding it’s illegal products are Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal, New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez, and Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey.

These products were actually reported unsafe by Federal Agencies and this led the senators to ask the Amazon about it’s products whether to remove it or to provide a visible warnings on them. Federal Regulators found 4154 items on it’s digital storefront which are “Deceptively Labeled”

According to information, it stated that approximately 116 products among 4152 were sold on Amazon between May and August. However it is said that a 23 year old died in a Motorcycle accident after a helmet he purchased on Amazon website which was falsely labeled which was compliant with US Transportation Department.

The letter which the US Senators wrote consist of several questions which demanded that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos should answer by September.
According to the Spokesperson of Amazon, they said that we plans to respond with each letter written by the Government Officials. After this, In a Blog Posts of Amazon, they also stated that “Our products on their website comply with the Relevant Law and Regulations”.

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