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Facebook Dating Launched in 20 Countries for now

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On 5 September, Mark Zukerberg has officially announced about Facebook Dating in his Facebook Post. Facebook Dating is now available for only 20 countries.

On 5 September, Mark Zukerberg has officially announced about Facebook Dating in his Facebook Post. Facebook Dating is now available for only 20 countries.

Initially Facebook Dating has only launched in United States but later Mark Zuck announced it for 20 countries. He says that Whenever he walked through any city around the world, he always experience people who claims that they had meet their wife or husband through Facebook and they are very happy with that, he further added that till yet we don’t have any feature for “Dating” on Facebook but we are working on that to launch such features to help more people with dating.

He announced that we are working on it, and we have launched this feature today for only United States but we are looking to expand it more to 20 countries. It will help people to come together and find love on the basis of their interest.

Facebook Dating Application live

We have also experience that most websites having Dating features have paid packages and lack of privacy and security.
Mark has stated regarding user’s privacy and security that we have worked on Privacy and Security experts to make it safe and secure to give control to the users. He further said, “Facebook Dating is live in 20 countries for now and i am looking forward launching more soon“.

Users who are using “Facebook Dating” will have options of matches between them which will be suggested due to Algorithm based on their Interests in Facebook and Instagram.

There are also some more Android and IOS based applications like Tinder, Bumble and Match which is used by millions of People who are actively engaged and using dating features but users had different opinions about them due to their features.

Facebook has promised their users to secure their data, privacy and security as Facebook was recently fined by “United State’s Federal Trade Commission” over it’s privacy lapse and implemented a new corporate structure for Facebook to make it on hold regarding Accountability. Facebook was fined $5 billion for it’s privacy lapse last month.

Facebook Dating App

The biggest feature which users had taken interest in “Facebook Dating” is that now users can add their Instagram and Facebook posts to Facebook Dating profile easily. At the end of this year, i mean till December, users would be able to add their desire posts from Facebook or Instagram on their Facebook Dating Profile.

What is Secret Crush in Facebook Dating?

Secret Crust is a new feature recently added to Facebook Dating where you can add up-to 9 friends from Facebook and Instagram that you are interested in. You can’t use Facebook Dating without Facebook Application. We mean that Facebook Dating is a separate application where you will be able to use your Facebook and Instagram data easily and you can also integrate Facebook and Instagram posts in Facebook Dating. This mean that, it is the only Application where you can combine Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook Dating can only be accessed by users of 18+ age.

Facebook has revealed about this type of feature called “Matchmaking” in April at “F8 Conference”

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