Using Facial Recognition As a Payment Method in China is a New "Smile to Pay" System

Using Facial Recognition As a Payment Method in China is a New “Smile to Pay” System

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You might had heared about buying stuff in the market by cash on hands, debit or credit card but this time a new technology
is going popular these days in china while purchasing something in the market. You maybe amazed, or feel curious about this
topic but let be sure that purchasing anything through Face Regonition is not a dream yet. Chinese are using this
technology more these days and going popular day by day. Now chinese citizens should not worry about paying bills etc through
a direct cash, mobile payment or there is no need a vallet for that. Many shops are now using a special system at big
shoping malls where customers are not suppose to pay bill through direct cash or something else but in order to pay they need
just to stand infront of a machine at “Point of Cell” for some seconds. The machine detect the face which uses National
Database fir that, It has a record of each and everyone with a record of financial details too. The system has accessed
to the customer bank accounts and then it verify customer bank detail, it automatically Transfer the payment of a product
from the bank to the shopkeeper.
Most interestingly, the whole process is done in a couple of seconds in order to verify the details and pay the bill etc
The machine is having no possiblities for errors or any type of technical fault which can be a berrier while processing.
This Technology was used in the past for verify only chinese citizens and their classifications on the basis of criminal
record but later they upgrade it and it led a complete new system specially design which is the solution for bankrupt,
frauds etc. This system generate accurate information of every citizen and is not only helpful for verifying the classes
of a good or bad citizens but this is also used during shopping. This can also decrease shopping crimes.
Chinese has also a another payment system other then government like famous eCommerce company Alibaba has a subsidary
company “AliPay” which have units and expended for 100 cities throughout the countries. “AliPay” has also invested large
amount of money on building their own payment system before the newly governement payment method.

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