How To Withdraw Payment From PngTree through Payoneer

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If you don’t know what is PngTree? or how it’s work please visit below
Earn Money by Uploading Graphics to PngTree

Withdrawing payments from PngTree is now easy and can be done in some minutes. PngTree have the Payment Method of “Payoneer” and “PayPal” for now where designers can use them to withdraw from PngTree

There are some of the simple steps to cover you how to Withdraw Payment from PngTree or you may watch a video tutorial below the steps.
Following are the 5 simple steps to do it:

1): Go to “UPLOAD” of your account section by clicking the “Go Upload” button

How to Withdraw from PngTree Step 1

2): Go to “Finance” section of your Account at the Left Side

How to Withdraw from PngTree Step 2

3): Click on the “Withdraw” green button
4): Enter the Amount you want, 100$ minimum (Make sure you entered the Payoneer MasterCard Number)

How to Withdraw from PngTree Step 4

5): Confirm the pop up application and your payment will sent within 3 business days

How to Withdraw from PngTree Step 5

Minimum Payment Withdrawal from PngTree

According to PngTree withdrawal policies, designers can only withdraw minimum of $100. Users are unable to withdraw less then $100. Payment depend upon daily downloads of the uploaded graphics on PngTree.

Payments of PngTree varies on Downloads

PngTree also uses a policy of $15 reward on 1000 downloads. Terms are applied of this policy on every uploaded content it maybe Graphics like vector, pngs, psds, eps, fonts or Powerpoint slides etc. Whenever a user got 6 downlaods he will be paid o.o1 cent. He can be also rewarded 15$ if his individual graphic or artwork is downloaded 1000 times.

Watch Tutorial of How to Withdraw Payment from PngTree

TechPushups tutorial about PngTree